4.HW- Agric., Food Production, Nutrition, Health, Wellness & Disorders

4A.1- Agriculture & Food Production & Processing, Gardens & Orchards- Seeding to Harvesting             


1.1          Ten foods & Spices providing ant-oxidents

1.2          a.M- More on the Healing Enzymes

1.3          a.Earth-Gaia’s View of Nutrition from Past-1

1.4          Gaia’s Wisdom-101 , Nutrition from Natural Source Life-streams

1.5          Ch.4, New Bodies, New LIFE, – Ch.4, Youthing & Rejuv.




4B.2. Reference Books,

4.Bk.1-  4.Bk.1- Ref.Bk-1, Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation & Measurement , Richard Aston, 1990



4C.3. No Name Yet

4C.3. Humanity’s- Most Deadly Disease-  Cancer Causes & Treatments

4C.1       Bk.1- The Cancer Cure that Worked,

Gaston Naessens- Cancer Cure that Worked-1

Gaston Naessens- Cancer Cure-1

4C.2       Ref-B’der- Section C-n- Cancer




4D.4-Disorders & Sickness          


4D.2       a.HHD, Bk 7-Syndrome Healing, Part A2-


4E-5.  Exercise &  Maintaining a Healthy Body- With & Without Use of Exercise Machines         




4H.6-  General Health & Wellness, & Herbal Medicines              

6.1          The Way of Herbs Bk.,Part B-1


4N7.-  Negative Actions by Suppliers and Industry related Corp’s Are Doing

7.1          GMO – Monsanto & Other Co’s Destructive Products & Interfering Actions

7.2          Pesticides & Insecticides

7.3          a.F- Flouride- It’s Neg. Effects on Teeth-1

7.4          a.Healing- HIV & AIDS Plague’s

7.3            a.F- Flouride- It’s Neg. Effects on Teeth-1

4N.8- Nexus Magazine and Other Publications, Newsletters, etc. – from binders containing many articles

7.4          a.Healing- HIV & AIDS Plague’s

7.5          Action by Drug Companies to Prevent Cancer Research into Cures for Cancer -Refer to Alpha “C” in Cosmic Revelation for Binder of Articles that include causes & treatments for Cancer

7.6          Can.Med.Assoc. & Amer.Med.Assoc’s past attempts to minimize use of ‘natural products’ and not treating them as drugs that must be registered and classified as a pharmaceutical drug.

Since the beginning of time, natural products could not be patented. Refer to the file below that indicates the court and other cases that occurred in the last 40 years. Canada now accepts these as natural products that are sold in Health Food Stores. Refer to the file below that summarizes newspaper & journal articles that outlined the conflict between governments and advocacy groups that blocked the Can. Govt. from following the recommendations of the American Drug Manufacturing companies.

4N8.1-   Nexus Magazine

HWNut-Nexus Mag Articles – Bk-1,

4N8.2-    Alive Magazine               

4N8.3- Other Named Info Sets  


a.G- Gemstones & Crystals- Bk.2

                This common weed will help you relieve any pain in just minutes

                a.G- Global-Energy Medicine- Rife, etc


Alternative Medicine-Tr.-201-REDU-2, Alternative Medicine Encl. -Jen Jacobs

M-Mental Health & Vibr. Healing – redu-2

L -What is Lightbody -Bk.11, AA ARIEL, Complete Book-12, redu-2


4N.9- Naturopathy & Homeopathy


O-View -10 , Marijuana, – Medical Benefits, DowNun. Report,Nov. 2016

a.G- Gemstones & Crystals- Bk.2

4T1.10- Focused Treatment Methods &  Alternative & Complimentary Health

4X2.11- X-Ray & Hi-Tech. Computers, Analyzers and other Treatment Methods

Ref.Bk-1, Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation & Measurement , Richard Aston, 1990